Full Service For Your Home Or Business

 At Bright Christmas, we are a full service company. Our goal is to make sure that your home or business shines bright for the Christmas season. This not only includes top of the line installation but maintenance while they are installed. We also will perform quality checks to insure they are burning bright. Our process is a full comprehensive service and includes the following:

Top of the line installation: Once your Christmas lighting package has been chosen, our crews will come out on your property and begin your personalized installation. We will verify all the details, begin the layout, and proceed with your one of a kind Christmas lighting package. We will critique the work carefully and make any needed adjustments. We will clean up our area and set the timers to begin the holiday fun. Stand back and watch as your lights turn on automatically and enjoy your bright Christmas!

Maintenance: From time to time, light bulbs will burn out, timers will fail, strands will quit. Don’t worry at all, because we perform quality control through the season. Should you notice something before we do, just give us a call and we will be out there to take care of any situation. Our crews are highly trained to handle most any problem and you can stay warm inside and let us do all the work.

Take Down: The Christmas season is over and the lights are still up. We are just around the corner and you are scheduled for your professional take down. We will remove our lights and décor from your home or business. We will remove all clips, wires, connectors, and misc items. We will clean up our material and leave your property clean and ready for the new year. Some of our customers prefer to leave their lights burning through New Years. Just let us know and we will accommodate you.

Storage: Once all the Christmas lights and décor have been taken down, we will store them safely in totes and label them accordingly for the next year. Broken and missing bulbs will be addressed and damaged lights replaced. We will take the needed time to assure that when the next year comes, the lights will be ready just as the first year installed!


I might want something different Next year or add on?

With our unique program, there is never a problem to change your mind for next year or add on to an existing Christmas lighting package. Our flexible plans and access to inventory allows a freedom to create a variety of lighting packages. Many of our customers have built their plans over the years which allow changes to their design reflecting personality, trends, and growth.

Take all the stress out of dealing with tangled lights, broken bulbs, heights, and trying to find that one bulb that is causing the lights not to work, and let Bright Christmas become you full service Christmas light Company for your family.